Task #15: Holocaust Art and Literature

Art and literature helped document what happened during the Holocaust and gave the victims a voice so the rest of the world will not forget. Your final assignment is to take a look at some of the art and poetry created by adults and children in concentration camps.sowers.jpg (32577 bytes)

1. Look at the art work of Yehuda Bacon and Waldemar Nowakowski. Pick one picture from either artist, copy it and paste it into a Microsoft Word Document. Below the picture, in your own words, write how it makes you feel. What is the artist trying to say?

2. Go to the poetry site and pick one poem. Copy one verse like you did in question 1, and paste it on the same piece of paper that you did for the art work in question 1. Below the verse explain in your own words how this poem makes you feel. When you are finished, get permission from your teacher or Mrs. Truxton to print this out.

Holocaust Artists
Holocaust Poetry