Task #11: The Rescuers

At least two million Jews survived the Nazi terrorism in Europe because of aid given by courageous men and women who deplored what Hitler was doing. They put their own lives at great risk to save Jewish lives. Your task here is to find these people and tell the world about them. Look up the three people listed and briefly explain how these ordinary citizens helped save lives.Photograph of Cathie Poirier-Prous, Poitiers, 1985

1. Alexander Roslan

2. Cathie Poirier-Prous

3. Varian Fry

4. When Paul Gruninger allowed Jews to cross the border to safety in Switzerland, what happened to him? How was he able to accomplish this?

5. What does the term "Righteous Gentile" mean?

Album of Rescuers
Holocaust Rescuers
Varian Fry